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TeachingSafari - Change your educational latitude

At Chicago School Supply, we pride ourselves on the relationships that we develop with our clients. Building strong relationships enables us to completely understand the needs of our clients, and subsequently, provide the best resources available to meet those needs. Teaching Safari was developed to meet such a need.

In talking with our clients, we recognized a disconnect between the student and the resources that we were providing. We were working closely with administrators, principals, and curriculum coordinators to introduce materials that truly met the needs of their students.
The problem was that by the time the materials made it into the classroom, teachers and students were unclear how exactly to incorporate those materials into the existing curriculum. More importantly, how could the teachers engage the students and involve the parents...

The first step in the solution was to provide education for the teachers, students, and parents. Providing them with great materials was not enough. There needed to be hands-on explanation of what made the materials great, and how those attributes could affect learning at home and in the classroom.

The second step in the solution was to provide everyday experiences that brought the classroom concepts into the real world - engage students by tapping into the various learning styles that are prevalent in a classroom.

Step One - Do not be satisfied to simply sell school supplies; be satisfied when those school supplies are methodically implemented into the learning process and truly educate the student. How? Develop instruction for the more complex resources that we sell and ensure that the educators understand how to effectively utilize those resources and correlate them to the standards.

Step Two - Do not be satisfied to simply educate students in a traditional classroom; expand the learning environment and show how classroom curriculum can be studied and applied in the real world. How? Develop interesting and engaging field trips that reinforce classroom concepts through standards-based tour itineraries.

Teaching Safari makes learning fun and school supplies smart.
Do not settle for buying materials because they simply have the lowest price or most recognizable brand.
Do not settle for educating children simply by following along in the curriculum book you were handed in the beginning of the school year.

Change your educational latitude - take a Teaching Safari!
Join us on one of our many learning adventures and discover how engaging learning can be!

Michael Ockrim
Founder student field trips and teacher professional development in Chicago
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